All Things Easter Bunny.

Because unless the calendars collide (and sometimes they do), we seem to have two Easters every year. One is Orthodox Easter or Church Easter, as we now call it. And the other one is well the day the Easter Bunny arrives and we wake up to treats galore.

This year, we were on our Spring Break excursion to the Bay Area and the kids couldn't believe that the Easter Bunny actually figured out we would be staying with the grandparents. Tricky little critter, he knew exactly where we would be.

Everyone was thrilled that he had figured it all out. So early on Easter morning, after a bizarre Easter bonnet ritual of trying baskets on their heads, they headed out for the Egg Hunt.

And lo and behold there were treats for all. Even Ken got into it. The Tinkerbelle Fairies in Flight apron never looked lovelier, don't you think?

And Alex was particularly tickled that the EB remembered how he's been saying that one day, he wants to be a film director. So in his basket, he found an appropriate t-shirt.

Wishing you a moment where you remember some little ritual you used to do and you know what?? I challenge you to do it again. Come on, it'll be fun. Trust me.

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