All Things Her Diamonds.


Most of you know how much I enjoy matchbox twenty and Rob Thomas' music in general. Here's a link to his new single "Her Diamonds". For me, it doesn't get much better than the lyrical brilliance of Mr. Thomas.

Also, I had my six month check up with my dermatologist today. And I'm still melanoma free. Thank you for all your prayers. They are, indeed, answered.

Blessings all around. Go enjoy your day and wear your sunscreen.


Jamie said...

Not a Rob Thomas fan, but couldn't pass by without wishing you many, many melanoma free years. <3

katarinas mama said...

Thank you, Jamie!! You will never know how much I appreciate your wish!! Enjoy your day and stop and smell those flowers.

Freeman Family said...

WHAT!! I didn't even know! I'm so glad to hear you are OK!! I love you!

katarinas mama said...

Hey Miz Freeman!! Yes, but it was 18 mos ago and I had regular check-ups anyway from the time I was 19yo w/my dermo due to acne. So...it was caught at 0.25mm but at 0.75mm things get v v serious. I needed no follow up treatment except for semi-annual checks for more. And every doc I know is aware I've had it so they are vigilant about it spreading to other organs.

The bottom line is at my size it has about a 95-98% "cure" rate. I am very blessed. But many, many people are still praying for me and I thank them one and all!!

I am also lucky because I've been pale and vigilant (b/c of acne interestingly enough since I was 19) for two decades. My type of melanoma (superficial spreading melanoma) is attributed to childhood sun exposure.

Wear sunscreen. Put it on the kids. It's one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. Appropriate to mention it on Earth Day because of what we've done to the ozone, etc. I'll get off my soap box. LOLz. Back to your regularly scheduled programming *grins*.

Jen Guthrie said...

Great news....and congrats to the double digits boy!