The Howling

Alex's Cub Scout Pack had their annual Halloween themed meeting last night. All the boys dressed up in their costumes, with both Alex and Jarryn sporting their Jeff Gordon best!

They also had to bring a carved pumpkin to the meeting. Alex wanted his to be a howling wolf...er, aren't the boys supposed to carve their own?? Of course, the howling wolf needed Mama's intervention...so amongst the cute little pumpkins stood our pumpkin smacking of "parental assistance!" And yes, that's Kata inspecting her brother's pumpkin and beaming with pride that ours had the little pumpkin light in it.

Then the boys all played a game where they had to put string beneath their costumes and then down the next scout until their den was all tied up with string. It's one of those Scout games that you just had to be there for but it does promote teamwork for what its worth. They all seemed to get the biggest kick out of it and the noise and commotion level only added to the hurried frenzy as the dens all rushed to be the first to complete the task. For the record, Alex's den was second...pretty good considering they got a bit of a head start...see, we're not the only ones using "assistance" to complete these scout tasks??? Really!

And here it is in all it's glory...The Howling...it won "The Most Spirited" pumpkin award. Alex was thrilled. I was tired. And Ken was happy that he got to sample roasted pumpkin seeds before Halloween. Now just think of how the other five pumpkins we got at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm will turn out??!??

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