The Big Night

So the Big Night came and went...our house all decked out in spooky spiders (thanks again, Uncle Roger!)...and our artsy pumpkins on display...Jeff Gordon ready to go? Check.

Ariel, ready to go? Check. Thug Daddy, ready to go?? Check.

Cinderella? Cinderella? "My crown fall off...again...Mama!" Check.

Noses wiped and costumes stuffed with warm underclothes...it's 50-degrees, Mama...the warmest Halloween in Reno history! Doesn't matter...we don't want to go back if you're cold...we're Riggsbys and we're headin' out into the night to collect as much candy as we can from the neighbors...only to re-distribute it later in one giant candy shuffle...but that's another story.

Final shot of our pumpy-kins lighting up the night...

And we're back...after walking only about two blocks and listening to the following complaints -
  • My dress is stuck...
  • My (cough) hands (cough) are (cough) cold (cough)
  • My bag is heavy
  • When are we getting to our house
  • Don't we have enough candy at home
  • I just want to see the Butterfly House
  • (cough) I (cough) am (cough) cold
  • I got a rock
  • When are we getting to our house
  • I'm done (cough)

We ended up at our house saying "Trick or Treat" to a surprised Maka who gallantly handed candy out to approximately 60 kids. Thank you, Maka!

Thug Daddy insisted on wearing his Dog Walking A.M. outfit...and look at the grins at the loot!

The kids all grabbed a lollypop...the grown-ups...chocolate! How tastes change between generations, eh?

The Rock. Bella, having freshly watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" proclaimed after every house..."I got a rock" after Alex and Kata exclaimed their treats..."I got a Kit-Kat"..."I got two Smarties"...."I got a rock."

Wishing you all a rock every now and then...so you can appreciate the real treats in life...Happy Halloween, all!!

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Cynthia Thornton said...

So cute! Love all the costumes!