Double the Season Ending Fun

Oh boy, our first season of double the practices, double the pre-game frenzy of tying cleats and packing snacks, double the game time and double the exhaustion for both Ken and myself is now done. But, the truth is it was also double the fun. Don't tell the kids. We can't let them think that all the work we do is actually fun??! Okay, they know already...yeah, yeah.

Here's Alex (number 7) actually kicking the ball and getting into it. Our shy, reserved, don't-like-physical contact dude gave it his all in his last game.

And there is the Dudemeister on the left with his best buddy, Ryan, running in the foreground. And the official in red shorts. Poor kid he officiated most of Alex's games. Go Blue Legged Lions! See what third graders come up with when they get to choose the name of the team?? Sure it's hard to say and cheer...but hey, the loved it!

A double-header for Bella. We had an extra uniform so Bella suited up and warmed the bench. When Ken asked one of the other kids if they were ready to go in, Bella replied, "Dada, I ready go in!" Poor darling...another 2 years seems like a lifetime to her...wait, it is a lifetime to her.

And above, there's Kata kicking the ball under Coach Kyle's instructions. She listened to Coach Kyle as opposed to Coach Daddy. And then below is a great action shot, if I do say so myself. Kata's (number 5) actually in the lead with the ball dribbling it down the field...you go, girl...and your Ponies team! Woo-hoo! It's over!!

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