The Dog Days of Summer

Apologies for the delay in blogging, but...we've been busy, as usual. First we had Kata's Enchanted Forest Recital. She was a Rainbow Butterfly and performed beautifully...as rehearsed...and without fear or drama. Can you tell she loved every minute of it? Maybe it was that rhinestone sign that said "Diva" that I hung over her crib when she was a baby...who knows? She was every bit of one!

Auntie Daphne and Maka joined us for the fun and Alex came through with a beautiful bouquet for his prima ballerina sister. Bella, just looked on wondering when she'll get her 15 minutes of family fame...

Then before we could say, boo...Bella turned two...it was Elmopalooza time...he's her favorite character and she loved every minute of the festivities and every inch of the buttercream frosted, banana custard filled cake! Mama's baby, alright.

Baka and Djedo drove in for the occasion...so we got the rare All-Grandparents shot. Please note that Baka's the only one without a hat....hmmmm...and we had *plenty* for all because my mom brought "extras."

Ken took this last week off because both Kata and Alex are out of school. So, off we trotted to Sand Harbor. Man, it's beautiful. And it was a breezy 75-ish (as opposed to 92 in Reno)...but the glacial water was...44 degrees. Aha. You read it right. 44. It did feel good...for about 10 seconds. And then body parts began to get tingly.

Alex participated in his first Scout Day Camp as a full fledged Bear Cub. This year's theme was Ancient Civilizations. He made a sundial, a leather cuff, hieorglyphics and a birdhouse. I know you're thinking what were the civilizations? Greco-Roman, Egyptian and Viking. Alex is second from the left in the picture below.

Here's the raingutter regatta in action. Note the Viking helmets.

And then...our biggest news of all...we adopted a puppy! A 8-week old Bichon Frise. His breeder drove him all the way from Montana so he wouldn't have to fly in this summer heat. What amazing customer service!

We've named him Beckham (Becks, Becksie)...yes, after the soccer player. And no, we won't be adding a dog named, Posh, just for laughs. He is it. Him and oh, yes, the goldfish...still alive after 6 months.

Kata and Alex have totally bonded with him. And Becks has totally bonded with Bella. Of course, she runs away from him the moment I point the camera. But there will be pictures one of these days. And so on with the Dog Days of Summer (yes, had to say it)!

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