Slip Slidin' Away

We set up a "waterpark" in the backyard...y'know...the Whale Pool, the Dora Splash Zone and most of all the Slip 'n' Slide...Beckham didn't know what to make of it...except the mudball that he is...he loved the wet, muddy grass that was the result of all the water play.

Bella loved the whale pool and taking water out of it while Ken kept trying to refill it.

Then Ken got the brilliant idea to go through the slide himself...through Alex's legs...fortunately this resulted in no trips to the emergency room...but it did result in one sore daddy...who was heard muttering something about being "too old for this." Are you ever too old for the Slip 'n' Slide?

Then Alex had to try it himself...Kata was there with a refreshing splash of water...cold...for her Bubby. So thoughtful, eh?

Kata has found her zen moment...holding Becks...the only creature who will willingly listen to her Hannah Montana theme song over and over again...and listen to her wax prolific on the merits of Ariel vs. Cinderella. He's a good doggie.

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