First things First....

Thought I'd stop the torture of our family and friends and just create a cotton pickin' blog. It's easier after all and then y'all can stop by and visit whenever. I know what you're thinking, it's about time! Not sure when I'll update these things (constantly at first and then whenever the mood strikes me)...you know how OCD I can get with newly found passions. And the Equalateral thing?...Well, it's like the triangle...three sides, three angles...all equal, get it?

Okay so we're still chewing through Spring Break...Ken's still on vacation and we are on a visiting local sites (think saving $$$ since the Disneyland splurge) kick so yesterday we stopped by the Carson City Childrens Museum. Here's the picture of "Mama made us pose one more time." The kids truly love it there...although it's *much* smaller scale than the San Jose museum...but they love the dancing piano keyboard and the balloon cannon thing. Cannot get enough of it. If only the place served coffee for moms it would be awesome! Bella was well, Bella. She thought everything was fascinating including the air vents. But then again, that's Bella for you. Ever the creative one. Remember the other two never drew on walls, jumped on sofas or ate playdough...well, there's always one in the family. I can hardly wait to see what she'll get into by the time she actually turns two.

Bracketology...the art of figuring out which NCAA team is going to advance in the Tournament has also become an obsession. For Ken it's an actual art form. And I am the ever patient Basketball Widow. NOT! I cajole him into letting me submit my own bracket so I can later have bragging rights. So far, I like to select my winners using the tried and true method of rank -

  1. Whether I've even heard of the school (colleges previously unheard of are automatically not going to advance)
  2. If a friend/relative/remote-but-well-liked acquaintance attended selected college
  3. The school colors...ugly shades are not considered (period)
  4. And the all important...the mascot cannot be something that I deem "too stupid for words"

And need I add, I am currently at 100% correct...and Ken's well...not at 100% let's just say. Of course, only three games have been played. We'll see...I think my selection criteria is better this year than when I used to let the cat pick them for me...although Kitty did garnish me a third place win one year.

Oh and here's one for you -

3 Things I Love Right At This Moment

  1. The new MAC Barbie lipstick...no, not the Barbie Pink one...please...the Modern Ms. L-O-V-E it! "Mid-tone brick red with silver pearl"
  2. Let's Do Tea's Strawberry Kiwi blend
  3. An freshly delivered (thanks amazon) copy of "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini

Love to you all,


Spring Break, Day 3

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Jancorc said...

Sophie, aka blog writer!
It's the right time to tell your stories. We all have fond memories of long conversations with great wit and genuine laugh out loud expressions that only a Sophie can deliver. Now we can move a little closer to our laptops and sip a cup of tea while we "hear" you again. Great first step! Keep going! Keep taking those great photos- writing and photography seem to work for you!
All the best! Yeah Sophie!!!!