All Things Middle School.

We attended Sixth Grade Orientation at the newly opened Kenedi Depaoli Middle School and wow, what an eye-opener. The facility is gorgeous. Fresh. New. Green. We were very excited, can you tell?

Alex was excited and perhaps a little nervous. Either way, he didn't want to pose for his Paparazzi Mama. Do you see that Class of 2017 sign??? That's in SEVEN years, people, only seven years. I am feeling dizzy and slightly nauseated at that thought.

The school has inspirational quotes all over their walls. In a really nice font. Not that I notice these things, but I do.

I couldn't help it. I had to have our Alexander pose over this particular one?

So many things will be great there for Alex. Great friends. Great teachers. Great adventures. Welcome to a middle school equipped with laptops, interactive whiteboards and iPods. We had paper, chalkboards and we raised our hands instead of sending the teacher a question via an iPod.

Times change. Technology pushes. And we walk towards it, knowing we can only embrace it.

So what will you embrace today? Go on, walk that fine line but don't be scared of the future. It's out there at your doorstep.

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