All Things May the Force Be With You.

For those of you who have known me for a while, i.e. decades...well, my love of All Things Star Wars will not come as a surprise. Last time we were in Disneyland, they had this show called the Jedi Training Academy where children were picked out of audience for a chance to battle with none other than - Darth Vader. It was exciting and brilliant and Kata was too young and Alex was too intimidated by the very realistic Sith Lord.

So fast forward two years and we're sitting waiting for the show and I ask both Alex and Kata if they want to try and they say in unison "sure." What?? No way!!! My Geek Gene has finally kicked into hyperdrive.

Well, there is a Jedi Master - this one assuming the role of a young-ish Obi-Wan. And as my two younglings are holding their hands up, Kata decides she's had enough of waiting to be picked and she just marches on into the wardrobe line. Jedi Master says, "I like the tenacity in that princess, so she may stay."

Alex was literally besides himself. How could his ::younger:: sister get picked?? But his Mama had armed him with a Jedi Academy t-shirt...and that and his quiet little hand in the air one him a comment of "The youngling with the Jedi shirt, I feel the Force is strong in him."

The audience and younglings all dressed in their robes and brandishing their lightsabers were quickly informed that there had been an attack and while the Rebel Forces were on their way, we may have to defend ourselves for a while. Basically, they got to learn some cool choreography before they faced the Dark Side.

And then before I could exhale properly, my Alex was up against none other than Vader himself.

And my oldest executed his moves beautifully, his lightsaber clashing with Vader's in giddy choreographed madness.

He did his duck perfectly, so Darth Vader could swing a saber above his head and miss, of course.

And then it was Kata's turn. Now to be fair, she hasn't watched Star Wars with the fervor of her mother and older brother. But she knew the plot line. And my goodness, all that ballet practice?

As an aside, yes, Darth Maul was there too. But my kids, being "special" (or so I'd like to think) got to fight Vader - the real Sith Lord, thank you very much.

Jedi Master was there to help her at every turn. She just couldn't get the choreography.

And then when her turn came to duck for the final swing over her head by Vader. She bowed. My baby girl bowed to the Dark Side. There's always one in the family, folks. And we've clearly identified ours.

For what it's worth Jedi Master gave her a "Good effort, princess, you confused him with your freestyle moves." Nope, we know the real truth.

As for Bella, she got to ride the Teacups. It was one of her favorite rides. No Dark Side. No Sith Lords. Just happy spinning teacups. Love that about Disney - there's something for all of us in the Happiest Place on Earth.

Wishing you a moment where you turn and face the Dark Side - fight or bow down to it...you decide...or hey, just take a spin on an imaginary teacup...that will work as well.

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