All Things Happily Ever After.

On our last day in Disneyland, we woke up to a spectacular sunrise. I knew it was a combination of a Low Weather Front and LA Smog...but dang, it was beautiful.

That day, we decided it was time to ride our favorite rides one more time...Splash Mountain's definitely one of them. This time Bella went on it...she's exactly 40-inches in height but every one of Disney's rides seems to have a slightly different measuring device so to bolster her height and make certain she gets on the ride, we stuffed a few folded napkins in the heels of her shoes. Yes, we're Those Kind of Parents.

What do you think was the first thing she did when she saw a Disney Cast Member as we were about to board the ride?? With her diction never clearer, "I have napkins in the heels of my shoes." We laughed it off and made a joke and fortunately the CM didn't catch on. So down we went, first Ken with Bella and Alex (see them in the back?).

And then Kata and I (see us in the back again?). Yes, my girl and I are holding on for dear life.

And a snap with Mickey. Note Bella's pose?!?!?

It was definitely time to head home. But we had memories of our magical mornings, contagiously silly afternoons and exhausting but full of excitment evenings.

And as we left the castle, we saw a shooting star - yup, really. Of course, we closed our eyes and wished upon it. No, we won't share our wish but given the state of the economy and our rapidly dwindling 401K balances, a wish may be the only way to make our dream come true.

Here's hoping you see your own shooting star tonight. Quick close your eyes and make a wish!


momcat133 said...

love the "Splash" pix and the story about the napkins! Out of the mouths of babes!

katarinas mama said...

Yeah...Bella is my precious, little extremely verbal one...sigh.