All Things Take A Deep Breath.

Baka came out to visit so I could heal in peace. But the boll weevils that are my children just can't let anyone have a moment of peace...God bless them...and my healing was truly and miraculously short and quick and full of those deep cleansing breaths...I can go on and on about how I should've, could've, would've done this operation sooner...honestly, not scary...very quick healing...and the benefits are tremendous...so if you should ever need one...in the words of the ol' goddess of sneakers, Nike...just do it.

The new, improved nose...no swelling, no bruising, no black eyes whatsoever...so worth it...

At last, I can join all of you in taking a deep breath and plunging into whatever my life's path holds...wish I had a map and a peek off in the distance...unfortunately, that's not possible so for now...just take a deep breath and enjoy a moment of peace and solitude even if its in the bathroom while brushing your teeth and trying to remember to floss.

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