All Things Don't Get Your Nose Bent Out of Shape.

Some of you may have heard...but, at least for the last three years, if not most of my life, I have had trouble just breathing...I've also had some nasty ol' sinus infections...so sometime last November I decided enough was truly enough and I went to a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who was very recommended...and after a month of antibiotics and a CT scan...all he could see was a "severly deviated" septum...

So the good news is...I get to keep my 40-year old tonsils and adenoids...and my sinuses show no signs of blockage or scar tissue...but I can't breathe because the darn inside of my nose is literally bent out of shape...ah, some of you new the figurative could be literal.

On Tuesday at 1:45, I'm going to get the septum fixed once and for all...should be a short surgery...30-35 minutes...but it does require general anesthesia...which I don't wholeheartedly look forward to...I know all will go well...and in a week...which is the expected healing time...I will be able to take a deep, cleansing breath like I haven't been able to take for most of my life...

And no, there won't be any cosmetic surgery...although the laugh lines (HA! a misnomer) are deep enough to require something...I think I'll stick to just fixin' the innards of the ol' nasal passages.

Wishing you that deep, cleansing breath....right now.

Edited - I am feeling 100% better post surgery...once the yuckiness of anesthesia wears off I should feel 100 million % better... The doctor said my septum was thicker than expected and was completely blocking my left nasal passage...and for the record I have no swelling, no black eyes...just like the doctor promised...once the tube things come out...boy, will I take that deep, cleansing breath!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts on healing...without them this quick recovery would not be possible!!!!!


Pinching Abe said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. Hubby thinks he has a deviated septum as well, I keep trying to get his 35 year old nose to an ENT to see why he can't breathe well through his nose, but men are just impossible.

katarinasmama said...

Men...now there's a subject that we can go on and on about...yup...mine is in need of an ENT as well...refuses to go...there you have it!