Bears and Wolves and Elves, oh my!

Last Wednesday, we went to the Cal vs. UNR game...the kids and I wore our Cal shirts proudly...underneath those, brrr, winter coats! Luckily, we sat with a bunch of Cal fans so I wasn't the only cheering loudly...Alex, slightly embarrased to be "for the other team" asked if we could see Cal at Haas Pavilion..."So you know, Mama, the entire crowd could cheer for Cal?"

And Ken hid his under his Wolf Pack sweatshirt...claiming he was cold...sigh...Cal was 3-0 and UNR 2-2 in preseason...come on, Ken, cheer for the spouse's alma mater!

Bella wondered why did they make me take a 2-hour nap, I have all this energy to bounce and bounce and bounce...oh crap! there's the UNR mascot, Alfie, that stuffed wolf makes me "cared." As in "Mama, Afee cares me!" It's okay, Belly, Cal (in spite of a nail-biting, tied game at half-time) will pull through to win 74-68...sloppy but hard fought game on both sides...and yes, Bella did see Alfie...and he pointed at her shirt (that said "Berkeley") and then tickled her chin...watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing, kiddo!

And then with painted, glamorous nails (this shot is for Auntie Daphne)...Ken and I joined Kata at her school's Holiday Open House...
Where we made Kwanzaa necklaces out of macaroni noodles for me...yay! jewelry in any form is good, I suppose...Ken, don't get any ideas that I want to wear my carbohydrates!
And then there was Santa...who told Kata that he was in the Eyeglasses Club as well...she got a little shy...our little bold kiddo is growing up...
And then Santa snuck in as I was taking a picture with Ms. Leslie and Ms. Lisa, Kati's teachers...that jolly old elf is certainly full of tricks!
And Kata was so proud of her big girl "Gecko" room that she showed Ken all around...pausing at all the stations...
And then...there was a leprechaun (don't ask...he was decked out in Irish gear with a shamrock filled banjo) who actually played some awesome Christmas songs...I *had* to get a picture of him!
And Mistletoe, the balloon making elf, was there again this year...making Rudolphs, candy canes, antler hats and poinsettias for all...

Wishing you a warm gathering this weekend...fully of yummy things to eat and warm things to drink! Happy December 1st!

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