All Things Smelling of Dove Soap.

So this week is the crescendo of our Holiday Frenzy...we had Alex's Pack Meeting on Monday night...and all of the boys got their Pinewood Derby cars from Santa, who carried his own Naughty and Nice list...and as a special treat, every single sibling got a special Beanie Baby...a white seal named Icing...whose birthday was the very next day! One of the Pack parents recently opened a toy store in town...so hey, here's to promotional giveaways.

Then on Tuesday...we had the Official Becks Grooming Day...he spent two hours at the groomers and came out all white, fluffy and smelling of Dove soap, the latter unfortunately won't last long...with a complimentary seasonal kerchief! I love Becks' grooming days! Our little fluffball!

Now how many shots do you think it takes to get three kids and a dog to look at the photographer??

Oh, there were more than four...before I thought...just get the dog by himself!! Mr. Clean Paws!

Then last night we had the Fourth and Fifth Grade Holiday Recital. We're so lucky we have a wonderful music teacher...Alex was the narrator introducing "O Tannenbaum"...no pic of that because I was fiddling with the video option and managed to get a second of video and no still picture...sigh..life goes on...

Alex is in the center above, the goofy kid who couldn't stop waving, grimacing and in general carrying on...there's always one in the crowd...he'll probably grow up to be a politician...a Republican, no doubt (that comment was for my Father...;-)!).

And Bella got a time out and Ken (note the setting of his jaw...) stood in the back with her...does anyone remember Kata doing the same thing when she was 2.5??? Except I took her out to the car?? I'm going to take a note from Ken and stay in the back...so I can at least see the show...file under - Things I Learned From Having Three Kids.

Alex got to play the Bass Xylophone...that's his buddy, Ryan, playing next to him.

Okay, the picture below is a sampling of what we heard...be sure to press "stop" on my music feed before pressing play on the video...

And the Double Diamond Elementary Christmas Tree...Alex has a candy cane on there...the stars and candy canes indicate the amount of books read by the Third Graders...impressive, eh?

And then it was Tubby Time and Night-Night Time...wishing you a Dove Soap moment that smells just as fresh and clean and cozy as that soap.

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