Rainbow Warriors and Fishy Tails

With bated breath, we have been eagerly awaiting the end of the annual ritual of Choosing of the Halloween Costume...and drum roll, please...Kata decided right away she was going to be Ariel this year. Her fascination with the Mermaid Princess lives on...now if we can reassure her she needs to breathe while swimming and hold her breath underwater (and not sing)...she'll be alright. Thank heavens, swimming lessons will resume soon.

Bella wanted to go with something that rhymes easily with her name...so she'll be Cinderella this year. I know...inexplicably, she is pictured wearing Kata's bear Ariel wig...but that's because her quest to be Just Like Kata is not over...although when you ask her what she will be for Halloween...she confidently answers, "Cinderella..."...incidentally, she gives you the same answer when asked what is her favorite animal.

And now....the Boy Who Couldn't Make Up His Mind...he wanted to be Bobo Fett...don't ask...he has his mother's fascination with All Things Star Wars...but the Bucket Head?? Eh gads. After checking out the costume online and gasping at the $70 price...I convinced him there had to be another choice. He chose a magician. Brilliant. I ran out and purchased a beautiful, black, double-breasted suit (love thrift shopping!)...dropped it off at the dry cleaners and was about to run to the fabric store for an appropriately silky cape fabric...when...screeeech! We stopped by Target. And he saw the Rainbow Warrior...for all of you not familiar with NASCAR...the Rainbow Warriors are Jeff Gordon's pit crew name...yes, gotten from the Dupont Rainbow decal (see top of his hat)...and it was done...my dreams of lining a magic hat so his blue bunny could pop out vanished in the mist of a stickered, polyester jumpsuit.

And so it goes, my friends...it's officially time for Fall to begin.

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