Let There Be...Snow?!?

These pics were taken on Friday, September 21st (double-click on the first pic and it should enlarge)...and we finally had some rainfall in the valley and snow (?!?) in the mountains...hmmm...is this a sign of the winter to come?...will we have a Fall this year??? Stay tuned...the one thing about Reno weather is if you hold your breath, it will change!


Valerie said...

hmmm...my sis in law lives out in Cold Springs, and one Easter, it really snowed. hard. completely made it hard for the Easter Bunny!

katarinasmama said...

I believe it! It snowed here on Cinco de Mayo this year! sigh...it would be nice to actually have a Fall and a Spring...we jumped from Snow to 100-degree temps in May...and I *live* for Spring!