Mother's Little Helper

Beckham has gotten into the bad habit of grabbing Bella's binky...and he just loves it...can't get it away from him...sigh...one way to get rid of the 10,007 binkies we have lying around...don't want Belly to be resentful towards Becks...remember how we made Alex throw away his binkies when they went "bad" (amazing what a little hole in them does to the necessary suction process...flat, baby, flat)...he stood in front of the window when the garbage truck went by screaming, "MY Binky!!!" Did that spare us any orthodonture expenses?? I think not! Well, we have to get rid of it...as soon as those Evil Bicuspids come in...until then, Becks, our Ever Helpful Canine will help us out.

And for those of you who haven't seen Bella with Becks, yet...here you go...Mother's Little Helper times two!!!

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