All Things I See London, I See France.

As a mom, you never quite know when you're going to have to teach a Life Lesson. They spring up at you and take you completely by surprise. Kata is now 7.5 years old and I'm trying to teach her the refined etiquette points in life.

For example on this beautiful, clear Northern Nevada morning, we experienced a naughty little zephyr. You know the kind that likes to lift your skirt at the most inconvenient moment? It was Picture Day, too,so naturally Kata was wearing a pretty dress. The kind that poofs up in the slightest breeze.

So the Life Lesson of the Day was how to hold our dress down so we don't have to hear a chorus of "I see London, I see France..." I know you know the rest. Wish me luck as I traverse these fine waters in Etiquette Land. Something tells me that it won't be my finest hour.

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