All Things Boy Scout and Boredom.

We're half way through our Off Track break and I'm here to report that, I think we've hit the Official Stage of Oh, Not Another Day of Park Play Wall.

Trust me, there are still activities abound. Alex has scouts and has actually achieved the first rank, of...that's right...Scout. Yes, they crossover and then achieve the rank. I'm confused, too. Girl Scouts do it differently. And much like the Dark Side, they have cookies, too.

But note the proud expression on Alex's face? Okay, it's not pride. It's the Mom-Not-Another-Picture-Please Tween face. There was an eye roll after the photo was snapped. I just missed it.

And then there's Bella. She just tags along to all of the activities so happy to be part of them. Here's she is at Kata's swim lesson. Kata's on the far left corner (with fashionable pink goggles) in the lane nearest Bella.

Happy to know that we're at the halfway point and hey, didn't we hear the magic words last night?? "I declare open the Games of Vancouver...." Just in time, let the games begin!


marye~ said...

Awe! I bet you are so very very proud!
I didn't realize how much Alex and Bella look alike until looking at the pictures of them side by side.
Keep up the good work Alex!

katarinas mama said...

Oh, thanks Marye!! Yes, they do resemble each other when stacked close by. LOL.