Scouting for Food.

You might've seen them in your neighborhood this week...little boys dressed in their scout uniform leaving flyers on your door...well, today was pick up day...and you can see how our little boys are so excited by the kind people who actually took the time to set out a bag or two by their door...they all worked hard lugging the bags...and now those bags are off to the Evelyn Mount Food Drive.

For 26 years, Evelyn Mount has provided holiday meals to thousands of Reno and Sparks families through the program she and her late husband founded. The Mounts started the charity when they moved to Reno in 1976, and found there were no services to help those in need. She and Leon started by feeding about 25 families with food they cooked in the family's kitchen. Now the 77 year old Mount spearheads the food drives every year…and plans, prepares and supplies thousands of meals to needy citizens in our area. This year her goal is creating holiday food baskets for nine thousand families…including sending baskets home with school children in need and delivering them to homebound seniors.

Here's to Den 6 for contributing their little part in helping this cause...way to go boys! And to Evelyn Mount...an amazing angel here on earth.

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